Analysis – The University of Monterrey (UDEM) is developing a building specialized in art, design and architecture called Centro Roberto Garza Sada, built by the world-renowned architect Tadao Ando. This project places the university among a select worldwide group of schools that have specialized design centers. The fact that this is Tadao Ando´s first building in Mexico, also increases the potential of this project as well as the interest for the school´s design and art department.

Concept – Savvy integrated its proposal to Tadao Ando´s concept for the building. The architect named it “The Gate of Creation”, and thus the studio produced a series of pieces that were open for interpretation to the specific public: young people that are about to decide what to major in. We interpreted the concept of “creation” as an open experience, ready to be explored, where the aspirations and inspirations of the public play a vital part in a dialogue between them and Centro Roberto Garza Sada.

Identity – Clean and austere: A brand identity with the main purpose of “staying out” of the audience´s way, while at the same time providing as much information as possible, and allowing the public to reach their own conclusions about the project.

Actions – An aspirational video about the CRGS project, printed materials, advertising campaign in print media.