Tribal Cowboys – Swatch MTV Playground

Digital content

In 2011, Swatch Group, together with MTV Networks Europe, launched Swatch MTV Playground, a website dedicated to exploring emerging youth culture on a global scale, as well as forming creative relationships between young scenes and this particular brand of watches. The website is primarily devoted to fashion and style, and documents vibrant youth scenes around the world.

Guarachero Cowboys is the second documentary that Savvy produces about the Tribal Guarachero scene in Matehuala; a couple of months before, we had traveled to this city in the state of San Luis Potosí to produce this video in collaboration with Vice Magazine.

The Savvy team spent two days in the city of Matehuala and interviewed all the participants in a dance contest, in order to capture the essence of the who have originated this idiosyncratic fashion movement.

The characters that appear in the documentary dance to a musical style called Tribal Guarachero, which is characterized by an accelerated beat and an eclectic mixture of styles. The video was produced and edited in a way that captured the hyperactive nature of tribal music, and was photographed with the best available optics so that we could capture every detail of their colorful clothing.

The end result is a mini-documentary that lasts three and a half minutes, and a thousand photographs in high resolution taken by photographer Edith Valle.