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Mani Maalai : The Steps of Bonding

Analysis – The work of independent jewelry houses like Mani Maalai has important differences when compared to that of more traditional jewelers. Mani Maalai select their materials and manipulate them to create designs that are strictly their own, and that are a result of a very personal and unique creative process.
Mani Maalai´s audience is aware of the benefits of auteur jewelry, and is in search of products that reflect their individual taste. The visual and narrative expressions in Mani Maalai´s designs were used as a tool to achieve differentiation among their direct and indirect competition, as well as to distinguish the brand from the generic and inexpressive format of classic jewelry advertising.

Concept – “The Steps of Bonding” explores the relationship between a person and the jewelry they choose, and how this relationship develops into something more profound and intimate as time goes by.

Identity – With each ad, the affective relationship between an individual and their jewelry piece is further explored. The distance between them shortens as time goes by, until the relationship climax is reached: Eternal Union. As a direct analogy to the unique elements of Mani Maalai jewelry, we designed backgrounds to be projected in the photo-shoot. These backgrounds referenced raw materials and raw emotions.

Actions – Advertising campaign for print media and video teaser for digital media.