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Finísima is an artisanal beer that leans on independent brewing without sacrificing the reach and reception of more comercial brands.


A Golden Ale, perfect for introducing the unaccustomed drinker into the world of artisanal beer and yet, its style is respected by connoisseurs.


Classic elegance in the label is contrasted by 1950’s and 1960’s surrealist Mexican art and Pedro Friedeberg inspired patterns.


The label and its texture is more reminiscent of wine than beer, nevertheless, it’s a nod towards the product’s nature and the careful selection of the finest ingredients used to make it.


We want to create an imaginary universe inspired by bohemian nights and struggling artists where Finísima is served as an antidote against routine or a potion for freedom and artistic creation.


The 4-pack packaging seeks to stand out amidst traditional 6-packs. Also, the fact that a package contains 4 bottles and not 6, reinforces the idea that this is a special beverage that ought to be consumed in the most special of occasions.