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Masa Gallery

MASA is a gallery that walks the blurry line between art and design. Collectible design. Experimental design. To show, to curate, to write, to build, to question, to provoke, to educate, to learn: these are their desires.

MASA is a nomadic project offering space for discourse about design. With digital, physical, and conceptual presence, MASA challenges convention and presents ideas on a global stage. With an effort to open up conversation and dialogue around material culture, MASA curates exhibitions offering work with integrity, direction and value.

MASA is cornmeal, a pliable material that quells hunger and sustains culture.

The branding revolves around this malleability that allows to create and transform, influencing our design language. The logo represents the brand’s boldness, a disruptive player in the conventional art gallery world. Abstract, scanned blobs of cornmeal complement the system adding layers of texture, granting each who interacts with them a personal interpretation to their significance.

The brand constantly plays with the boundaries of the physical and digital worlds. The invite is a vacuum-sealed portion of cornmeal that was meant to shock and – and invitation to reflect on the meaning of art, design and this blurry line between them.

Photos by Adrianna Glaviano