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Rivero González is a family-owned winery, founded in 1998, in the semi-arid region of Parras, Coahuila, located in Northeastern Mexico – also home to the oldest winemakers in the continent, dating back to 1598.

As part of their commercial strategy, Rivero González commissioned Savvy Studio to design their first store in Mexico City. Located in the heart of Polanco, the Rivero González boutique portrays the land from which its wines come from in a contemporary and fashionable setting. The project is divided into 4 main areas: a cacti garden, a tasting room, an underground cellar and the shop itself.

The exterior features a garden, landscaped after the Parras desert through its ocre colours and cacti. The bench was made from adobe and stone and all is surmounted by a volcanic basalt wall over which vines climb.

Once inside, you are welcomed into a vaulted room where black shelves with oak inlays display the brand’s products in a clean and modular manner, with the help of a signage system that was designed using warm coloured wooden cubes.

The table in the centre of the room was made using adobe bricks, a common feature in Parras, with a grey stone top. On this table you can find tasting samples of different Rivero González products. Also here, and on the shelves, you can find a series of custom made bowls and stands, inspired on wine barrels, made from recovered wood from the actual barrels which were once used to store the wine in.

The art on display was also specially made for this space and it was all conceived around a common concept: viticulture. One of the pieces is produced over a white french oak tableau made from recovered barrels and intervened using natural dyes from different grape varieties. The mobile, which hangs from the ceiling in one of the store’s corners, is made up of different geometric shapes, each made from a different type of wood – this represents the perfect balance of the elements required to produce a fine wine.

In the back of the boutique there is a space that is bathed in warm light and a cozy atmosphere where the wine tastings take place. Over an oak counter, some large glass containers ferment wine into vinegar, and this, in combination with the lighting, creates a mystical atmosphere very much akin to the ritual qualities of wine itself. Underneath this space, accesible only through an industrial lift, there is a cellar where the wine is stored.

The Rivero González boutique truly is a place that conveys an integral experience, enhanced through elements that transmit the brand’s core values, origins and foundations.

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