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Casa Bosques Chocolates

Casa Bosques is a deeply personal project where we, as a studio, have managed to communicate and mix our passions: cacao, chocolate, food, art, culture and travel. We have produced a series of collaborations with people we admire; from chefs and artists to literary and interior design publications.

This time around, we decided to document our in-house process, from which we define all the elements that will go into the individual packagings for our chocolates. For this season, we brought together two concepts that we care about passionately: places and poetry.

Using photographs of our latest travels we then collaborated with a poet. Each flavour, with its distinct imagery and poem, represents a single moment and circumstance. The rest is up to the viewer, free to decipher and decide his or her own personal notes.

A detailed process, season after season, to select the best cacao from different origins. A constant evolution, influenced by the now, projecting an upmost transparency of our continuity as a studio.

Photos by Dylan Johnson