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A philosophy that proposes a design solution for the times in agreement with our landscape. Embedded in the ideal that organic design will reform us into an organic society. Our mission is deeply rooted in the undertaking of designing for the times, pro a New World. As intelligent women we owe ourselves to not only choose best, but also bear the responsibility of influencing the rest. Trust our belief that considerate design will improve our lives. Organic – having a systematic coordination, organized, forming an organic whole; exalting the simple laws of common sense—or of super-sense if you prefer—determining form by way of the nature of materials.
New World – character of the American landscape as distinct and free of previous conventions.

Usonia is a clothing brand for the contemporary knowledgeable thoughtful woman. Their designs are heavily influenced from architecture, and so, we approached the conceptualization for the project and the brand development in this same manner.

We then evolved the system by working with architectural grids throughout the stationery and labels, into subtle yet considered typographic layouts. The typography follows a more democratic size and proportion so that all the information shares the same importance and relevance.

Rice paper was introduced into the brand’s visual language, in the same way as it is used for the architectural practice, in conjunction with other high-quality papers, embracing the brand’s strong interest in materiality.