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White cacao criollo and Hoja Santa – Elena Reygads, Jorge de la Garza & Casa Bosques

For this edition, in collaboration with chef Elena Reygadas and Chocolates Rocio, we worked with in one of cacao’s most pure and special forms: white Criollo cacao.

This white cacao is the result of a recollection of Criollo cacao beans, mostly white almond which, when pollinated give this unique result. All this, done following traditional methods and organic certification.

Artisanaly crafted, stone conched and tempered and molded by hand, we achieve a pure chocolate, without cacao butter, a fine citrus flavour and light bitter hints of caramel and aniseed.

Originating from Finca El Rocío, in the Mexican state of Tabasco, this unique cacao achieves the perfect balance with the hoja santa. This herb, which is also known as acuyo, is famed for its gastronomic uses and medicinal properties as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory. In pre-Hispanic times it was blended into cacao drinks to flavour them and to take full advantage of its many benefits.

Elena Reygadas wanted to return to this ancestral blend of ingredients in order to create a unique chocolate bar, which allows us to understand cacao in a radically different way. To envelop this special fusion, we collaborated with artist Jorge de la Garza for the art on the packaging.